On September 27th 2019 at I.S.I.S Paolo Carcano school in the presence of the Como & Seta Committee the results of the project for the support of Como’s candidacy as UNESCO Creative City were presented.

The students of the school have created drawings to be printed on silk that are related to the architecture of the city of Como and the projects “Lake to Lake: Como for Africa” and “Creative Textile“.

The creative contamination between the African WAX designs, the embroideries of the artisans of San Cristobal de Las Casas and the city of Como were the prerequisite for the working process of the students.

After carrying out research on the above topics with the assistance of their teachers the students (class 5M1D fashion section of the Istituto di Setificio ” Paolo Carcano ”) have therefore reworked the drawings they created by using monuments and architectural details of the city of Como and linking them with the typical motifs of African and Mexican culture.

At the same time other classes (4G2 graphics sections of the ”Paolo Carcano” Institute) made videos of the backstage and of the different installations with the support of their teachers. 

The presentation of the project and the awards to the most deserving students took place during the national initiative “Notte della Moda” in conjunction with all the Italian schools of the TAM network (textiles, clothing, fashion) of which I.S.I.S Paolo Carcano is the leader.

Video by Setificio Paolo Carcano

Photo Credits: Notte della Moda di Como