The Maria Nobrega Foundation and the International Traditional Knowledge Institute, U.S. Chapter (ITKI US), on 3rd August, 2019, was held in Archita, Mures, Romania the “Archita Traditional Knowledge Festival”.

The event was including in a wider project, “Creative Textile”, which has the main aim of preserving, narrating and sharing textile traditions and the ancient techniques used through the Creative Knowledge Platform methodology.

Representants of Como&Seta Committee took part to the Festival, where they presented the unique traditional silk working of Como and an example of a creative cross-pollination developed with the Creative City of San Cristóbal de Las Casas (for more info click here).

The event in Archita has the main aim to lay the foundation to a new and more extensive version of the project “Creative Textile”, with the idea to create a wider event the next year, opening it to textile artisans from all over the world, creating a physical and virtual hub of collaboration.

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